Thursday, August 12, 2010

The life of Dr. E. A. Anjorin (1939 - 2010)

This blog was created in honor of the memory of my father, Dr. Adeyeye Anjorin, to express my love for him and my devotion to his memory. It is impossible to express how much he meant to me when he was alive and how I wished I had told him more often, before he passed away! May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Goodbye Daddy. God rest your soul.




The late Dr. Edward Adeyeye Anjorin was born in Ilesha, Osun State, on April 18, 1939 to Reverend John Adebayo Anjoorin of the Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Mrs. Ayoola Anjoorin nee Olowe, both of whom are now deceased. He was the eldest child of his parents, the first son of nine siblings and is survived by three brothers and three sisters: namely Rev. Adekunle O. Anjoorin,  Mrs. Adebola Adeyemi, Mr. Olusegun Anjoorin, Mr. Agboola Anjoorin, Mrs. Oyinlade Ademisoye  and Mrs Oreofe (Grace)       nee Anjorin.


Dr. Edward Adeyeye Anjorin started his primary school education at the Apostolic Primary School Oke-Oye and completed his secondary school education at a local high school at Ilesha. He was found to be an exceedingly brilliant scholar and thus attended the College of Education, Akoka and the University of Lagos concurrently, graduating both with flying colors. He received a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Geography from the University of Lagos in January, 1968.  He left Nigeria for the University of Tokyo, Japan on an SCL fellowship after obtaining a full scholarship to further his education.  After living in Japan for a number of years, he went to India to study at the University of Mysore from 1970 to 1973. In India, his brilliance shone as he wrote an essay which won first prize in the entire country of India.

After graduating from the University of Mysore, India, in 1973  with a Masters of Arts (MA) degree, he left for Switzerland and lived there for a while, returning to work at Lagos Executive Development Board (LEBD) in Lagos. He won another scholarship to study at Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1972.  He went on to graduate with a Masters degree from Harvard University in City Planning in 1975. In 1974, he obtained his PhD at the University Mysore in India.


  • Bachelors of Arts, University  of Lagos, Jan 1968
  • Masters of Arts, University of Mysore, Jan 1973
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Mysore, December 1974
  • Masters  of Science in City Planning, Harvard, November 1975
  • Represented Nigeria in World Christian Conference, Japan 1968


The late Dr. Anjorin at 70
Dr. Edward Adeyeye Anjorin married Aderonke O. Onalaja in 1971 at a civil ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria.  The couple was blessed with six children: Adesiji A. Anjorin, Fadekemi A. Anjorin, Adeyinka A. Alofe, Adegoriola A.Asaya, Adetoyin A. Olaoye and  Adebayo A. Anjorin.  He was also the father of Diamond A. Anjorin, Silver A. Ayeni, Adesuwa A. Ezenwa, Akintade O. Anjorin, Bamidele Anjorin, Victor Anjorin and Emmanuel Anjorin.


Upon returning from Switzerland, Edward Adeyeye began his professional life by working at Lagos Executive Development Board (LEBD) in Nigeria.  Then he relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to attend Harvard University.  He worked as a Director of Housing and Urban Development under Governor Michael Dukakis in 1975.  That year, he left that position to work for Keyes Associates Architects Engineers Planners, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA and moved back to Nigeria in 1979 to set up a branch of the firm in Nigeria.  After that, he resigned to go into business for himself, moved to Benin City in 1980 to handle a Federal Government Project in agriculture, namely the implementation of poultry farming facilities across the Benin-Owena River Basin Authority from 1979 to 1983. He was responsible for establishing the firm AAA - Adeyeye Anjorin Associates as a vehicle to handle this project. He also set up another firm in 1989 which he worked with NERFUND as a Business Consultant to aid with the funding and establishment of small scale industries in Southern Nigeria. 

After living in Benin City for many years, he relocated back to the United States and lived there from 1997 to 2000 where he worked in a law firm with Attorney Herbert Sklar.  He later went into business for himself where he advised on immigration issues.  He returned to Nigeria in 2000, set up the Edwards Oil Trading Company and he lived there until his death in 2010.


Some of his philanthropic works included: 
  • Donation for the building at the Uniben Staff School, University of Benin.
  • Partaking in and completing construction of the Nigeria Police Station at BDPA, Ugbowo.
  • Being a member of the Police Community Relations committee in Benin City, Nigeria.
  • Secretary General of the Nigerian Korean Association
  • Liaising with neighbors and mediating in general community issues.


Dr. Adeyeye was a learned man who had a deep respect for the value of education.  He was a well travelled man; he visited and lived in many countries of the world including but not limited to India, Japan, Kenya, Switzerland, United States and in so many places in Nigeria. He was a good conversationalist, humble and courteous.  A peace loving man who loved people, he loved to tell stories of his past experiences and had deep insight into life.  Many have said he was a wise person and came to him for counsel.  He will forever be remembered for his generosity, notable kindness and his philanthropy. 

At 8:00 pm, on the 22nd of July, 2010, at Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria,   Dr Adeyeye took his last breath after a brief illness. He is survived by his wife, siblings, children, numerous grandchildren, aunt, cousins, nieces and nephews.

He will be greatly missed by his family, and all who knew him. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Excerpt from the Condolence letter from the Nigeria Korean Association
"With deep sense of sorrow and total submission t the will of the Almighty God, we, the entire members of the Nigeria Korea Association greet wife, children, sons, daughters both in home and abroad  and the entire families of the deceased, Dr. Adeyeye Anjorin who died on 22nd of July, 2010 after brief illness. We prayed that the Almighty God should give you and all your families the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Dr. Anjorin was a philanthropist who was a father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless and helper to the orphans.  May the good hearts you have toward all humanity pave ways behind you and for all your children Jesus name, Amen.
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace (Amen)...."


  1. Daddy,
    You will forever be missed. You were a mentor that is second to none. Your kindness knows no boundary, Your smile was ever full. Your gentleness steal minds, Your wisdom can only be understood by Solomon and your fatherly advise was priceless.
    Adieu Papa.
    Rest In Perfect Peace in the Bossom of Abraham.
    Joseph Asaya

  2. Daddy,
    I will miss you dearly, you were the personification of "Love thy neighbour as thyself" no one else could have done it better...Rest in peace Father and Friend..
    Love Always..
    Adetoyin Ayoola Olaoye

  3. Daddy,

    Rest now - your toil and labor ended. You were loved by all who knew you. May you live forever in the hearts of those who loved you.

    We will miss you.

  4. Some friends usually confronted me with this question “how many college degrees does one need to have a meal ticket” but I was always dumbfounded with no answer. Having read this blog in memory of a dear man and a beloved father, I think I can hazard a guess to the question. Indeed you don’t need college degree for a meal ticket but having a first degree supposedly should put one into middle income bracket, all things been equal.

    Nevertheless, acquiring degrees is more than just looking for a meal ticket or for acquisition of personal wealth but rather a quest for deeper knowledge that could be geared to broaden the prospect of mankind. Acquiring degrees is fulfilling ones aspiration to participate in the growth and development of human civilization.

    "Adieu to a great man for your contribution to growth and development of the human race….. Sinmi ni ese Jesu ni ibiti ko si ifoya mo”.
    Lolade Campbell

  5. Remembering you today, daddy. It's been two years now....

    Hope you are resting in peace. Love. 'Ka.